Having professional photos taken is a truly special experience and not one to be taken lightly. These are images that if created well, will be on display in not just your home but your loved ones homes for many years to come. As a professional photographer I continuously invest in my skills, ability, knowledge and props. It is not just the shoot that you are paying me for, it's my experience, creativity, my care and understanding. A lot goes into the preparation of a shoot, the shoot itself and what goes on behind the scenes when I use my editing skills to deliver your beautiful images. Photography is a costly craft and the cost is constantly ongoing due to the nature of the work. Updating kit, attending training and workshops, purchasing props, resources and editing software ....it all adds up! So for a photographer to do it well, they must have a passion for it too!

When choosing the right photographer for you, make sure it isn't simply based on cost. There are several factors to take into consideration such as locality, previous client reviews, experience and what exactly you get at the end. But the most important thing to consider is this - does your photographer have the experience and understanding to make sure your little people or even yourselves are first and foremost safe but also that they will have the most enjoyable experience possible. The second most important thing to consider is the style of that photographer's work. Some people like bright, airy and colourful photography (which is more my style) and others prefer darker, moodier and more styled images. It's always a good idea to check out the photographer's work and style BEFORE you make a booking so that you know exactly what you can expect with your own images.

I use the best professional printing labs in the UK so that I can provide my clients with the most bespoke products around. They use the best printers that are fully calibrated to that colour replication is always guaranteed. And all products are created with the most attention to detail so that they last for many, many years to come. Even if purchasing the digital copies of your images, I always recommend to my clients that they still order products via their galleries so that they can be certain their images are produced to the highest standard. Printing and ordering elsewhere won't always guarantee the best results.

Hopefully I will be the photographer that you choose having kept all of this information in mind. If so, I look forward to hearing from you! If not, thank you for coming to check out my website and hope you find the right photographer that meets your needs x

Standard Session Fee £75

Covers maternity, older baby, children, family, couples or pets

Up to 2 hours studio time
Props and outfits optional
Group and individual photos
Can be in studio or outdoors
Maximum of 6 people if studio

Book Now

A deposit of £25 is required in order to reserve your date and slot. All final edited images will be sent to you in an online, password protected gallery approximately two to three weeks after your shoot. You do not need to decide on which package to go for until after you see your images. Galleries are live for a month unless an initial order is placed. If an order is placed, the gallery remains open for a full six months. If no initial order is placed within one month of the shoot, a £5 fee is incurred to reopen the gallery for one week. After six months the gallery is permanently deleted. Extra products can be added to any package at an extra charge. A price list of products is given out at every shoot.

Standard Packages (extra to the session fee)

Collection 1

Five high resolution digital images
Five 6"x4" keepsake prints
One 10"x8" wooden framed print


Collection 2

Ten high resolution digital images
Ten 6"x4" keepsake prints
One 20"x16" canvas wrap
One 9"x6" Photo Book


Collection 3

Fifteen high resolution digital images
Fifteen 6"x4" keepsake prints
One 20"x16" canvas wrap
One 9"x6" photo book
Free mini session (excluding xmas)


Gift Cards

Gift cards are available in any amount of your choice, making it easier to nail that gift for a special someone. The balance can be checked online and the card can be used in several transactions until its depleted. Can be put towards a mini session, full shoot or product.