What To Expect

All of my shoots take place at my home studio in Mynyddygarreg unless a different venue is requested and arranged. I keep the studio very warm, particularly for newborns and small babies so wearing loose, comfortable clothing is advisable. Neutral tones are usually a good idea and busy patterns and logos should be avoided. Spare clothing is usually a good idea just in case of small accidents, which have a tendency to happen at newborn shoots and smash and splash sessions!

Shoots are not time limited but usually last from one to four hours, depending on the little one/s! It is therefore advised not to plan anything for after the shoot and to bring along a snack and drink.

I have many, many props at my studio but a lot are also in storage so if you have anything specific in mind, please let me know before the day of the shoot. The set and props cannot be changed on the day. I welcome all input and preferences so please feel free to choose your colours, style and even bring your own items within reason.

For maternity shoots I have some exquisite gowns available to wear but I also welcome your own wardrobe options too. I also have a selection of newborn and sitter outfits for you to use should you wish.

Whereas the studio and what goes on there is under my control, there are a few things you can do to prepare. This is especially true when it comes to the newborn shoot. Needless to say as the shoot can go on for some time, it's essential that you bring plenty of milk for the baby if you are not breastfeeding. The same goes for nappies and wipes! Do not stress about accidents on my props and blankets; that comes with the territory! If possible, please try and keep a newborn awake for the two hours before the shoot so that they are at their sleepiest when they arrive at the studio. A good way of keeping a newborn awake is by undressing them or giving them a bath.

As with most of us, when we are hungry and/or tired we become grumpy, distracted and uncooperative. This is certainly true of children! So please ensure your little ones are adequately fed and rested before the shoot. I have a lot of experience of working with babies and children and have a lot of tricks to get that perfect smile. But I can only do so much! If there are any favourite toys or songs or even a sound that your little one responds well to, please bring those along with you.

Prior to a smash and splash session please make sure your little one isn't starving but also do not feed them their usual amount before coming. This will help them to want to eat the cake as well as smash it, so that we get those cracking icing covered face shots!

There are rare occasions where I may need to rearrange your shoot due to a newborn arriving. I will always do my best to avoid having to do this but sometimes I have no choice as newborns ideally need to be photographed within the first two weeks after birth.

And lastly please leave the photography for me. The photo taking is only the start of the image; I have editing skills that ensure the final product is of the utmost standard. This cannot be guaranteed with mobile phone shots unfortunately and I would prefer not to be connected with any images that weren't taken by myself

I look forward to creating some lifelong memories for you and giving you the most amazing experience I can!